Restaurants in Israel are divided into different types depending on the type of food it serves if it is a popular restaurant, Oriental, European, American, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. In addition to the area where the restaurant, there are the restaurants overlooking the sea and the beach, overlooking the mountains and heights as the Golan Heights and restaurants in Carmel Mountain, and restaurants located in cities and towns or streets depends on where you are and what you intend to eat and taste of the treasures Israeli food diversity of those restaurants.
Here you will find several restaurants located from the northern area to south which could fit your budget and most importantly your taste, if you like fast food, traditional, food from around the world or just like to sit in a cafe near the beach, shopping center, one of the alleys and more …
In the north –
As you were going in the north, directly think of the restaurants in Acre, Nahariya, Tiberias, Rosh Pina, Nazareth, Haifa and more … the famous area in restaurants that serve foods and flavors most of the popular food, Oriental, Arab, Druze and so on.
The following list includes some of the restaurants to be found as fish restaurants, hummus, falafel, shawarma, and fast food chains in and spread in the north they are:

  • Restaurant Mobarshm – fish and meat restaurant – Acre
  • Shawarma Hazn – At the Checkpost, Haifa, and in most northern communities

IN Haifa you will find a wide variety of restaurants and cafes such as –

  • Shuka Restaurant – Meat Kiryat Bialik.
  • Angus Restaurant – Meat Haifa
  • Ji Raf – Asian food in Haifa
  • Semiramis – Eastern restaurant and special meat taste, lies at Mozart – Kiryat Motzkin
  • Humus Said – Acre
  • Falafel armon Haifa

If you wish to visit and enjoy the amazing sight of haifa you can enjoy the restaurants and cafes at the foot of the Bahai Gardens from Ben Gurion Boulevard as Faces Restaurant, dozan, Aldiar, Milagro, fattosh, and more …
Center Area:
If you are in the center you will find many restaurants, hummus and shawarma until the luxurious and prestigious restaurants in shopping malls and commercial centers. As –

  • Regina Restaurant (station kosher) meat restaurant – Tel Aviv
  • Ernesto Restaurant 90 – Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv
  • Uzbekistan Restaurant – Home made in Petah Tikva
  • Restaurant Artmit – Gourmet meat restaurant – Ramat Gan
  • Amilin Restaurant – Italian restaurant located on the balcony of Leonardo Hotel City Tower in Ramat Gan
  • Restaurant Hinawi – meat restaurant – Rishon Lezion, Jaffa and special branch in Ramat Aviv

And many restaurants of all kinds and tastes.
If your trip is to Jerusalem – then you arrived to a place most exciting and historical In the world, where You will meet an antiques and old restaurants that serve traditional folk food that are usually near the old town like get a pita with shwarma, Falafel or delight a plate of hummus with olive oil is in the most unique food of its streets.
If you wanted to look for something more elegant, fancy or exclusive, you can just arrive to sderot mamila, Sderot Ben-Yehuda, or the city center and what will be waiting for you all kinds of restaurants from all levels and tastes, Home cuisine, Bistro, Oriental, Italian, French, Sushi, Thai, Chinese, Meat, American, Spanish and more…
Jerusalem is the most popular tourist city in restaurants across the new and the old town which you can find all kinds of restaurants of all kinds, tastes, levels, to suit any budget such as –

  • Rimon Bistro – steakhouse located on Ben Yehuda, mamila Sderot and City Center in Jerusalem
  • Herzl Restaurant – steakhouse – kosher located in Sderot mamila
  • Canela Restaurant – French restaurant of meats and fish found in Jerusalem

And more …
And if you arrive the southern area and Eilat the restaurants are such as:

  • Linda Restaurant – Gourmet Meats, Ashkelon
  • armonim Restaurant – meats and fish, chef restaurant located in the sgulah.
  • Balzac – French food is in Ashdod
  • Haeguz restaurant – the chef's fancy restaurant Lahiani Gilad, Israeli food, fish and milky
  • Pago Pago Restaurant – Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Bar and a special fish located on the north shore in Eilat
  • Marina Grill – grill all meat restaurant is on the northern coast – Eilat
  • Sbrst – a seafood restaurant, seafood and grill located in Israel Eilat Coral Beach

Israel is overflowing with fast food such as McDonalds, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hot, shawarma, hummus, falafel, meat and other… so if you feel like a quick grasp you will not have any problem where to find, under what Do you feel like and what budget …