private guide in Israel

A good private tour guide can make the difference between just a nice trip and an amazing trip that you will never forget. This is the reason why it is so important to pick the right guide for your trip. In this article we will offer you tips for finding the right private guide and a recommendation for a good private tour guide in Israel.

Tips for finding the right private guide

  • Experience – only with long years of practice comes the perfection. It is better to prefer an experienced tour guide, with many years of guiding groups and introducing different places. And experienced guide will have more information about the various sites, will be more charismatic and entertaining and will be able to provide an answer to every question that you might have.
  • Availability – your guide should be available on the exact dates on which you are planning to travel. This is why one of your criteria for choosing a private guide is his availability and compatibility with your schedule.
  • Recommendations – the best way to choose a good tour guide in Israel is by recommendations of family and friends that had used his services and were very pleased. A good tour guide is a guide who’s name becomes famous in the tourism business and the more recommendations a tour guide gets, the higher are your chances to pick the best guide and to have a wonderful experience.

Moti Barness and his services

One of the most recommended private tour guides of Israel is Moti Barness. He is a professional guide with a long experience in the field. You can uncover the secrets of the most fascinating places in Israel and visit amazing sites with the guidance of Moti Barness on your next trip to Israel. Moti Barness can guide groups to historical sites and different cities around Israel, as well as to natural resorts and magical places such as the dead sea and Yehuda desert. Mr. Barness has a 20 years of experience and he will be able to fascinate you and answer every question about Israel.