Israel Railway

Israel Railways is the only government company which operates the country's rail transportation. The train is built of a long rail which begins From the country's most northern region From Achziv in Nahariya, to the point and the most southern area in Mount Zion, From the northern and southern area ,the way splits and the rail branching To other regions and stations which arrives the train. Railway lines are divided into three intercity lines and five lines radiating out to nearly 52 stations divided to stations that serve the passengers, Transport and two other stations – which are also useful for passengers and cargo loading and unloading.
Israel Railways is a highly coveted transportation because it is easiest and fastest to reach from the north or south in a faster remote time and not get stuck in traffic of the busy streets in the mornings and during the day, so the train stations in Israel, always full of travelers, students and soldiers trying to reach their destinations as quickly as possible.
the train stations in Israel are built and designed to support a convenience of passengers while they wait for a train, as shelters from the sun or rain, comfortable benches sitting, vending machines, stores and more … In addition to the possibility of renting a car, taxis service, buses, etc.
Buying tickets for travel on the train Is through the station itself Where the journey begins, there are lots of different discounts for example, for soldiers, students, seniors and others … you have to check at the counter or at the railway website.
Passenger stations of Israel Railways are:

  • Nahariya station
  • Acre station
  • Station in Kiryat Motzkin –
  • Kiryat Haim station
  • Hutsot HaMifrats station – or Vulcan
  • Lev HaMifrats Station
  • Haifa station – Downtown
  • Haifa's Bat Galim station
  • Station Haifa – Carmel Beach (named Raziel)
  • Atlit station
  • Binyamina station
  • Caesarea station – Pardes Hanna
  • Hadera West Station
  • Netanya station
  • Beit Yehoshua station
  • Herzliya station
  • From Tel Aviv University. hayerideem

This station train splits and divergent to other areas and they –

  1. Bnei Brak station
  2. Petach Tikva – Kiryat Aryeh.
  3. Petah Tikva – sgola.
  4. Rosh HaAyin Station – North.
  5. Kfar Sava – Nordau. Station
  6. Hod Hasharon – Sokolov station.
  • Tel Aviv Savidor Central Station
  • Tel Aviv hashalom Station
  • Tel Aviv Haganah Station

In this station there is branching areas and railway track with five stations in different directions and they are:
The first direction passes through the stations –

  1. Kfar Chabad Station
  2. Lod Station – Aviv Gardens
  3. Lod Station- Branching train from this station towards Rehovot, Kiryat Gat, and Ramla
  4. Beer Yaakov Station
  5. hareshoneem Rishon Lezion Station

The second direction passes through the following stations

  1. Rehovot Station
  2. Yavne Station
  3. Ashdod Station to Halom (from the Bar Kochba)
  4. Ashkelon Station

The third track that branches off from Tel Aviv passes through the following stations:

  1. Kiryat Gat Station
  2. Lehavim Station – Rahat
  3. Be'er Sheva North Station / university – In this station another divergent track due to the train station of "Dimona"
  4. Beer Sheva Central Station

The fourth track from Tel Aviv is going through the following stations:

  1. Ramla Station
  2. Beit Shemesh Station
  3. Station Jerusalem – Biblical Zoo
  4. Jerusalem Station – MalhaMall

The fifth track from Haganah in Tel Aviv passes through the following stations:

  1. Airport Station Ben – Gurion
  2. Modi'in Station – outskirts Modi'in
  3. Modi'in Station – Central
  4. Holon Station – Wolfson
  5. Station Bat Yam – Yoseftal
  • Bat Yam – Station Komemiyut
  • Rishon Lezion Station – Moshe Dayan
  • Yavne Station

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