Israel National Trail

Shvil Israel

Israel Trail hiking route is the most exciting and desirable for all travel and tourist in Israel who loves adventure special historical travel, religious travel, archaeological, journey through the mountains, rivers, climbing stairs and ladders, and more …
The trail length from start to end approximately 940 km throughout of Israel from the Golan Heights Kibbutz Dan the northern begins and ends in Eilat Taba in south. The idea was born many years ago in the mind of nature journalist and a man named Abraham Tamir, That ran his idea to the committee chairman of Israel trail of Nature Protection Society, in his time Ori Dvir, and the program was launched. The trail was inaugurated in 1995, since then The trail went and added to to it more specialized areas and objectives.

From Kibbutz Dan to Eilat the Taba Crossing you will find landmarks that point to direction of walking and the route that exist in three lines with colors white, blue and orange that the white color indicates the direction of the north of Israel (white as Hermon Mountain, and the snow) orange color indicates the direction south of the state (orange color as the desert south of the country).

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The trail is divided into 44 sections convenience of travelers, each section represents a particular area where you will find special sites of the country. These are the sections –

  1. Tel Dan to Roaring Lion – 13.5 km.
  2. Tel Hai to metsodat ko"h – 18 km.
  3. Nebi Yosha to Dishon River – about 20 km.
  4. Dishon Creek to Mount Meron – of 14 kilometers.
  5. The summit parking lot to parking lot on Mount Meron Meron – 8 km.
  6. Meron parking lot and ends at Nahal Amud – 19 km.
  7. Starts east of Kibbutz Hokuk and ends at the entrance to Tiberias Elite. – 16 km.
  8. Tveria Illit to the Yardenit site (access road near a group of Galilee – a plant). About 12 km.
  9. From Yardenit – Tzemach and ends at the intersection Gazit about 28 kilometers.
  10. Junction Kfar Tavor to Kfar Mashhad area 28 km.
  11. Begins at the entrance to Mashhad and ends in Yiftachel Junction – 13 km.
  12. Yiftachel junction to Kibbutz Yagur. 21 km.
  13. Begins at Kibbutz Yagur and ends in Oren Junction – 16 km.
  14. Oren Junction and parking lot and ends at the junction Shfeya – 20 km.
  15. Starting point Shfeya junction and ends at the beach of Jisr al – Zarka 16 km.
  16. section begins in Watering Nahal Taninim and ends with at the train station of Hadera – 15 km.
  17. Begins from hadera and ends in Green Coast – north of Poleg River estuary – 22 km.
  18. begins Green Coast section and ends in gan habaneem – 22 km.
  19. Passage begins in Tel Aviv gan habaneem – and ends in Tel Ofek (Antipatris) Mekorot Hayarkon. – 18 km.
  20. From the Yarkon to Mitzpeh Modi'im – 20 miles.
  21. from mitzpeh modi'im to Latrun – Police 20 km.
  22. Police Latrun to Shaar Hagai to – 9 km.
  23. Hagai Gate (Burma Road Car Park) to Kibbutz Tsuba – 19 km.
  24. Starting point from Kibbutz Tsuba through Stef ends at Horbat hanoot west of Kibbutz Neta. – 23 km.
  25. Passage begins with Horbat hanoot and ends in Masua Observatory – 21 miles.
  26. Passage begins modi'im Masua and ends at the junction near Kibbutz Beit Govrin – 11 km.
  27. from Govrin to Tel Keshet – 20 km.
  28. from Keshet Dvir junction to Be'er Sheva northern – 21 km.
  29. Dvir junction to Shoket junction – 24 km.
  30. section begins in from kramim – Shoket Junction and ends in at Kibbutz Har Amasa – 21 km.
  31. Begins from har Amasa to Park Arad – 15 km.
  32. from Park Arad to matsad Tamar – 41 km
  33. Tamar section begins in and ends in the big Makhtesh – 30 km.
  34. from hamekhtash ha gadool, up Zion from South – 32 km.
  35. from Ma'aleh Zion To Ein Shaviv. – 7 km.
  36. form ein Shaviv to Mitzpe Ramon – 40 km.
  37. Mitzpe Ramon to Mt Saharonim. – 14 km.
  38. har Saharonim to Arava – 32 km.
  39. Started through Barak Kenyon and ends in Shizafon junction 83 km
  40. begins in junction Shizafon and ends in Timna Park – 47 miles long.
  41. begins in Timna Park and ends in Be'er Ora – 13 km.
  42. From Beer Ora – Nahal rehem – and ends at canyon shehoret (no local transport) – 16 km.
  43. from shehoret Canyon To Ein Netafim – 11 km.
  44. The end point – passage begins from observation of Mount Yoash (Ein Netafim) and ends at Taba border between The Princess Hotel and Eilat border crossing (Taba crossing). 14 km.

Border crossing Eilat – Taba, the trail Ending point.