Holy sites

Israel the HolyLand- is the most exciting and desirable for tourism all over the world because of religious value that makes it unique to the three religions the Jewish, Christian and Muslim in addition to holy places of Baha'i.
Its the heart of the universe and the dawn of history, and everything in it summarizes the memories of the past and incidents of today and tomorrow. This is the beginning of the world creation and the universe, That it's the lands of the first god fart, angels that Carry the word of God to humanity and every creature . What else can you add the country to be the most holy?
You can not mention the state of Israel without mentioning Jerusalem and the Holy touristic, historical and religious which – the city that is the first address in Israel for tourism and the most popular religious and historical worldwide, and which adds even more to her beauty that its location between a group of hills surrounding the town and each has the story and historical that distinguishes it.
Holy sites in Jerusalem –
The city is divided into two parts and they are the old city and the new city which is most sacred religious sites in Old Town. Holy sites in Jerusalem such as –

  • Jewish sites:

The Temple Mount – where the first temple built by King Solomon,
The Western Wall – which was part of the west wall of the Temple, what remains from the Second Temple was destroyed.
Herodian tombs, Ramban Synagogue, the Great Synagogue, Hadassah Synagogue – Chagall windows, Yeshurun ​​Synagogue, the synagogue yesmah Moses, Tunnel generations, the grave of Huldah the prophetess or Raba Alodaya or Sister Pelagia of Antioch, and more …

  • Christian sites:

Holy Sepulcher – the church where Jesus was buried after being crucified and resurrected in Jerusalem.
Church of the Ascension – Mount of Olives Church and that is it, Jesus went to heaven
Church of agony – tears Lord, the Latin Patriarchate, the Church of Santa Ana, Monastery of the Cross – where the cross crucified on Jesus, arc ake Homo, Augusta Victoria, the Garden Tomb – a yard goal, hospice (inn), the Austrian, Greek Orthodox Church – Catholic, Church of the Visitation, Church hagoe'el, Church of the messiah, Church of All Nations, Cathedral of St. George and more …

  • Muslim sites:

The Temple Mount.
Dome of the Rock – holy place built over the rock from which Mohammed ascended to heaven.
Al-Aqsa mosque – the mosque built on the site from which Mohammed ascended to heaven.
Muristan, Hhnach Mosque, Dome of HAALEYA, the Mosque of Salman Alfrsi, Saad and Said mosque, the Mosque of Omar, Sheikh Jarrah Mosque, the Mosque of Sheikh Lulu, the cotton market makers, iron gate (Bab Alhdid), and more …
Jerusalem is the most popular city of its sites and holy places in Israel and the world. But in Israel there are many places of the country from north to the tip of the South who can indicate on the sanction of the state as tombs, churches, monasteries and mosques were built in places there where prophets and saints of the three religions.
Moreover there is the Baha'i gardens are at their feet of Ben Gurion Boulevard.
And other sites like Tiberias, Galilee, the Jordan River, northern Israel, Meron, Golan Heights, the center, Bnei Brak, etc. …
if we start counting sites this page will not be enough so later will be added sites and holy places and explanation about them.