Sleeping outside, camping or camping accommodation is an experience of wild nature's lap or special sites and designated for this purpose and approved in terms of security and safety. Anyone who thinks that about accommodation area is the person looking for adventure and he ought to think and observe the unique accommodations contains all important elements that combine the comfort, Resorts and charming nights transmission Lap nature.
Israel contains lovely places for camping and sleeping area thanks to the charming nature of each of which distinguish it from territories north camping area exists between the mountains, Highest And sites recommended that, in the center, usually on the beach or camping and other designated areas where there are attractions and memorable experiences, and particularly in the south the camping at the Red Sea, Dead Sea or the desert.
Usually camping is allowed during the summer season, as winter weather is not helping to stay in or near one of designated beaches for this purpose so if you think to visit the country and stay in one season of the year except summer it will be extremely difficult to enjoy the experience. There are several accommodation options area like – Accommodation in tent camping in most areas designated for this purpose, family tent, a large Bedouin tent accommodation -usually in the south, Indian tents and more …
There are several places that offer accommodation area and options of attractions, different experiences and unique where you can choose accommodation according to geographic area, type of tent, attractions near the accommodation, facilities in the area, etc. … These locations are spread throughout the plane of the Mediterranean Sea, the hills of Galilee and the Golan Heights, in special places in the center and southern Israel and Eilat on the Red sea shores. several places are:

  • Tantura Dor resort – Northern Coastal
  • White River Khan – contains large Bedouin tents – Negev area in the south
  • Oasis Beach – Dead Sea
  • Upper Galilee – zeiev haaravot Biriya farm
  • Orhan shade of the tal – Yavne'el – North
  • camping Kfar Blum – Kfar Blum
  • Mitzpe Ramon – Khan Be'erot – Ramon Crater
  • Through the Bible to nature – Michmanim – Emek Yizrael
  • Kalia Beach Dead Sea
  • Eilat – Eilat Field School
  • Farm Nam"a – Ofakim
  • Neot Hakikar – the Dead Sea
  • Khan Shkedi Revivim – Negev
  • Country Katzrin
  • Dead Sea Bianchini on sea
  • Jordan Park – Sea of ​​Galilee
  • Valley of King David – Ntibl, the Jerusalem
  • Farm habarboor – Beit Nehemiah – center of the country

and more …
Most of the lodging and camping in nature offer amenities services such as refrigerators, stoves, toilets, showers, tents protected from rain and heat, electricity connections, etc …
Accommodation prices area ranges from 45 shekels per person and up to 180 shekels or a little more and it depends on the needs of the traveler and what services he asked if this camping tent, family tent, brought with him a tent and so on …