Whether you like to relax, sit alone, with friends, business meeting, dating or just have some coffee or other hot drink with a small cake outside or inside, you can enjoy the cafes that meet all the goals and needs of each client who specialize in filing various types of drinks hot and cold such as Coffee, Nescafe with milk, a drink of Moka, dulce de leche, hot chocolate, short or long espresso, hot chocolate, green tea with or without mint, brew, ginger, etc. … In addition, each of the cafes in Israel aims to reach the highest level in terms of service, hospitality, taste, uniqueness and ambience that can provide comfort and meet the needs and goals of each client Whether he is alone, with a company, business meetings, etc. …
Because of developing Israeli tourism progress of special places such as restaurants and cafes that provide services and hosted a high level for each client with a huge selection of drinks, fast foods and fresh salads to suit every budget and every taste.
Here you will find some special cafes in Israel from North to South:
In the center and tel aviv

  • Hbranz'is, coffee, confectionery and bakery hot – Tel Aviv
  • Ben Gurion – coffee, pastries, sandwiches and confectionery – Tel Aviv
  • Matilda – specializes in breakfast, hot coffee and hot and cold drinks – Tel Aviv
  • Ben-Ami Cafe & Bakery in Netanya

In Jerusalem

  •  Luciana – jerusalem
  • Cafe Jerusalem – Emek Refaim
  • Stef cafe in Jerusalem
  • Tal Bagels – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv branch
  • Cafe Yehoshua – Gaza Street Jerusalem

Coffee shops in the south

  • petra cafe – Groseini Ashdod
  • Cafe anona – Ashkelon
  • Arabica Cafe – Beer Sheva
  • Coffee Barrel – Mitzpe Ramon

Eilat area

  • Gallery Cafe – Eilat
  • Dekel Beach Coffee – Eilat North Beach
  • Doda Cafe – near the hotel Dalia Eilat

In the north

  • Zebulon Cafe 1 – Kiryat Tivon
  • Coffee Alaiwan – Nazareth
  • COLONIA-Koloniih
  • Pardes Hanna, Karkur
  • Coffee Dozan – Haifa Ben-Gurion
  • Port Cafe – PORTCAFE
  • Caesarea port
  • Coffee Sabres – Kiryat Shmona
  • Chocolate – Rosh Pinna
  • Albasha – Junction Machanaim
  • Hapanas – Nahariya
  • Penguin – Nahariya

In most cafes they serve light meals, breakfast, lunch, toasts and selected salad not only hot or cold drinks, so everyone can ask for light meals, and specialty pastries for dessert.
Today, there are networks throughout the country particularly popular cafes spread in every region from the north, south, center, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat as –
Coffee Greg – the whole country
Aroma – the whole country
Café Café – whole country
And more …
Very important note – in most cafes in the country including restaurants, there is free internet access.