Bus is one of the most important elements that make up the transport sector in Israel and especially common, Which there are several companies such as Dan, Egged, nateev Express, ofakeem, kaveem, galim, and Egged taburah that Spread all over the country from north to south to ferry tourists and travelers from one area to other.

Most buses in Israel traveling within cities or towns and outside, that each company employs highly-skilled drivers. The tourist and the traveler can go to one of public buses or If it is a group of hikers they can hire the services of one company and the rates depend on where the trip, the distance of travel, number of passengers, the period of the trip, etc …

The following individual tourists visit the country and do not want to spend more prices for buses, car rental or renting special taxi they can travel on public buses which could requested goals But need to know What lines arrive the same places. most buses in israel are perfectly equipped to provide maximum comfort to passengers and travelers, So travel in a bus can be more convenient than driving a car or other transport tool.

The buses which used by travelers and tourists in Israel General safety tested, In addition Bus companies employ competent drivers, Careful and responsible for what happens on the bus and roads, All this to ensure an enjoyable, most cautious and safe trip.

Bus companies from the north to south are:

  • Egged:

Customer Service Center 2800 * | 03-6948888 | 052-9992800

  • Dan Bus Company Ltd :

Call: 03-6394444 or * 3456

  •  nateev express Company:

Phone: 1599-559-559

  •  kaveem company:

Phone: 03-5570600 Fax: 03-5570610

  •  ofakeem:

Phone 03-5252555

  • Elite company

Fax – 02-5480490, Tel – 02-5807777.

  • Metropolitan Company

Phone 5900 * or 073-2100422 from any phone,

  • Company GB Tours

Phone: 04-6036100

Phone 03-5252555

  • Tours NTT Nazareth Company

Phone: 04-6570577


  • Nazareth United

Phone: * 3553

  •  Omni Express

Phone: * 3553

  •  Golan Company

Phone: * 8787 or * 3254

  • Metrodan company

Phone: * 5100

Fax 08-6278040

  •  Superbus

Phone: 08-9205005

Or 1700700181

  • galim Corporation

Phone: 08-6688700

  • Egged taborah Ltd.

Phone: 03-7350100

  • "fast line" company

Phone: * 3633 073-2100400

  •  Company Sitibus

Phone * 3686 or 073-2100601