Hotel chain in Israel is one of the most advanced in terms of service, convenience and quality that offers to tourists. Hotels are classified according to level of service to simplest level, one star until five stars plus or Deluxe.
Since the country of Israel is defined as a first-class tourist Because of the religious and Historical value The establishment of hotels and Hotel Chain Development Is considered one of the largest investment and Excellence To meet the needs of every tourist and Fit for different budgets.
hosting prices vary about hosting areaplace tourist , level of accommodations, period and the service requested so if you think of luxurious accommodation and prestigious important to seek 5-star hotels or more, These hotels can be in any area in Israel from the north until south. If searched for an average class hotels that will provide excellent accommodation services but not luxurious which it is possible to choose luxurious hotel at 4 star and there are the three stars that virtually set a level of 4 stars.
There are tourists who book a hotel room only for accommodation and the next day to go on the trip and did not care what level of accommodation in places so choosing a cheap and low priced relative to other hotels usually order hotel rooms of three stars or less, There is also possibility to rent a zimmer or hostels for those who like attractions and adventures in Places far from cities and places of luxury pomp and decide to be a in guest houses, or in huts in communities places with stunning landscape and nature to forget the noise of the streets and other places during the day.
Hotels in Israel competitors In terms of services and quality With the most luxurious hotels around the world that the employers have more skills and talents with highest professional level that for each of them can speak more languages ​​besides Hebrew and English as speakers of French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and more ..
Most hotels in Israel realizing the aim of every tourist, so you can find most if not all hotels conveniences such as a swimming pool, wireless Internet, restaurants of all kinds, special attractions, visitors parties, gyms and more …
Israel hotel chains are:

  • Isrotel Hotel Chain
  • Fattal Hotels
  • Dan Hotels
  • Rimonim Hotel Chain
  • Club Hotel Hotel Chain
  • Atlas Hotel Chain
  • Prima Hotel Chain
  • C Hotel Hotel Chain
  • Caesar Hotel Chain
  • Conrad Hilton
  • Holiday Inn hotels
  • Astral Hotel Chain
  • Leonardo Hotel Chain
  • Ziv Hotel Hotel Chain
  • Hotels in kibbutzim
  • Tamares network
  • Orchid Hotel Chain

Price of renting a hotel room depends on hotel area (For example – prices of Hotels at the Dead Sea can range between 600-1000 NIS, hotels in the north can range between 300-600 NIS, etc.), level of accommodations, hotel services, and rental period because during the summer, holidays like Passover and Rosh Hashanah or Sukkot and weekend prices jump replication at other times, so it's important to know which season is when order one of the hotels in Israel.