Hostels currently in israel extremely similar to hotel rooms and even there are those that constitute the experience of hosting and accommodation for more than five stars. when you saying hostel accommodation, directly think of the youth hostels that were once taking place in school trips and group travel, rooms with beds one above the other, outdoor and shared bathroom, a communal kitchen for the residents and more …
Today, youth hostels we knew twenty years ago are already from history, with the progress of hotel services and the development construction of luxury accommodation and special class, contributed to the fact that even the hotels will be upgraded to the most luxurious and advanced, so that you will not have more hostels shared services, Shared kitchen, But each hostel is considered to a special unit housing unit and luxurious as possible which is an unforgettable experience as if their stay in a five-star hotel tel aviv and even more. However what has not changed is that still enables hostel accommodation of several people in the same room two people until the group but the service that provides a hostel considered one of the most advanced in the accommodation for travelers and tourists. So you can call the hostel with a different name and "Vacation Apartment."
Tourists and travelers who want to experience the quality, unique and shall not exceed a lot of money it is a great option for sleeping and entertaining, that most hostels such are special places where there are special attractions on this basis were established hostels. for example – Hostels in Mitzpe Ramon, hostels are located at the Observatory and close to most touristic places.
Hostels – Apartments in Israel are in most areas from the north to the south in the mountains, highlands, near the beaches, around the lake, desert, and Eilat in southern and the area. Most hostels have dining rooms and related amenities services. Any area where you want to visit there are hostels and special holiday apartments as –

  • Lev Eilat Resort Apartments
  • Beit Arava Hostel – Eilat and the Arava
  • Hostel for travelers Kfar Blum – Kfar Blum in the Galilee
  • Nof Hotel Galilee – Tiberias
  • Ein Gedi Youth Hostel – Beit Sarah – IYHA
  • Scottish Inn of St. Andrews Church – Jerusalem
  • Rabin Guest House – IYHA – Jerusalem
  • Agron Guest House – IYHA – Jerusalem
  • Masada Guest House – IYHA – Masada
  • Hostel Haifa – IYHa
  • B & B Tourism – Ramat Gan
  • Beit yatseev – Beer Sheva
  • Yahad friends – Miron community
  • Beit Shmuel – Jerusalem
  • Old Jaffa Hostel – Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • Sky Motel Hostel – Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • St. Charles Hospice – Haifa
  • Hostel Rliziit de Nazareth – Nazareth
  • Acre Gate Hostel – Acre
  • Galon Hostel – humiliation
  • Tully Givat Haviva – Lower Galilee
  • Efroni Group Accommodation – Negev

And more …