Hiking trails

Hiking trails are one of the most popular fields in the Israeli tourism sector, this field attracts many tourists and travelers from Israel and abroad to discover nature reserves and Israeli areas especially for those who like tours and fans a new and unusual places which ca not reach them by car.

Israel is the most ideal place for hiking trails thanks to nature, various and diverse landscapes from the green forests, desert area, rivers, mountains and the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon in the northern region especially in winter.

In addition of its being a holy, Israel is one of the most old, historic and archaeological which the love of walking its sites and areas returns the Torah and the Prophets period that went and moved between different places from the north to the south. along all the tracks you will meet archaeological sites, religious places and historical sites that will attract you and all the tourist pass, which will make your trip as a story and unforgettable experience.

Development of trails within Israel and promotion may back to the fact that most citizens can not travel out of a country that is surrounded by some countries that there is no relationship between, which making the country for Israeli travelers a tourist place especially for tourists from abroad, the growth of these trails makes the country an ideal and amazing target especially in the summer.

Trips include hiking trails in the forests, rivers, mountains, rivers, lake, Dead Sea, Eilat and the Arava desert region, and the holy places in Jerusalem and other areas.One of the most popular trails Is the "shvil Israel" Length 940 km north of the country to the south and includes most areas. There are many more special routes through them and given that the nature reserve in Israel has marked the roads and walking tracks to facilitate the tourists and travelers the unique experience and help them understand and know where they are.

  • Hiking trails in Israel are many – such as:
  • Track "Burma Road" – the route that begins from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem.
  • Nahal Yehuda – the Golan Heights but requires knowledge of swimming, the track including walking and swimming in deep water in addition to using ladders attached to drop rugged mountains.
  • Nahal dargoot – Dead Sea area requires an increase to heights with ropes – a special and difficult to track.
  • Hula Valley – offers four special routes for tourists and they – Hula track
  • Tal Dan Nature Reserve Track
  • Jordan promenade track
  • Hidden River valley track – and dazzling special track that way you're going over to where there was a river and disappeared
  • Barak River track – walking track in the middle of arava and river canyons transition between them with ropes and ladders that are installed on the mountains – fascinating.
  • Crocus mountain track – near the Egyptian border in the south – the whole track, you meet by mountain rocks painted signs of animals and insects until now did not know what interpretations and what period. Very exciting journey.
  • Nazareth hiking track – where you can enjoy a wide variety of holy sites and places of historical and archaeological, the old town, old streets to the market and unique structures.
  • Hiking trails in areas of Jerusalem the Holy City
  • Holy places tracks

And many hiking trails designed and organized – some of them free and some paid.