Car rental

Car rental in Israel is one of the most popular options which fulfills the purpose of tourism and travels in the most special and exciting country. Car rental is the creative and unique idea because in this way you can get anywhere you want to and enjoy all the scenic area, travel and arrest where it's convenient for you. driving on roads is very simple In Israel Because all streets are marked and constitute the most advanced network thanks to signs, quality and safety, In addition to being a small country which can travel from one area to another within a short time compared to the other countries.
There are several car rental companies and popular spread throughout the country, particularly in Ben Gurion Airport that the tourist can rent the same car before or upon arriving the country. In order to facilitate the tourists rent a car directly before starting to search other means of transportation To arrive his destination, hotel or city he goes to.
Car rental for tourists is require an international license so the company approve a deal otherwise you can not rent the car you want, In addition to car rental international license, its requires a specific driver age Because it is difficult to find a rental company confirming a drivers under 21 or new drivers, which is important to check before making the deal and before rental, otherwise it will cost lots of money for insurance.
Prices of car rental changing between each deal and otherwise, this depends on the age of the driver, passenger numbers, the rental period, type of insurance, the vehicle you want and more … Therefore need to check before and determine what is the rental price before closing deal, Check what the company offers, Which related services, What is included car insurance And to compare prices between certain companies since a very competitive market.
car rental companies in israel spread throughout the country and areas From North to South and the most popular companies are located also at the airport. The service can include a driver for rent and it In addition to increase the price of the rental.
The car rental companies located at the airport are:

  • Shlomo Sixt

Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport
Phone – 039 754 167
Fax – 039 754 171

  • Hertz

Ben Gurion Airport, Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport
Phone – 039 754 505

  • Avis Company

Address – Ben Gurion Airport 70100
Phone – 039 773 200

  • Eldan – Car Rental

Address – Terminal, Ben Gurion Airport 70100

  • Budget Company

Address – Street, Hasharon 1, Airport City, Ben Gurion Airport
Passenger arrival wide, Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport
Phone – 039 350 000

  • Europcar company – Israel

Address – Golan 3, Ben Gurion Airport 70100
Phone – 036 222 240